April 28, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

DUI FAQ Questions Answers


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below you will find an FAQ for commonly asked questions:

How much will a First DUI cost me?

Answer: The is no fixed fee schedule for any DUI as the circumstances regarding each cases are different.  Beware of any firm or lawyer that charges $1,000 dollars or less.  They are able to charge you so little because they deal with quantity, but not quality.   More often than not, you will just be paying for them to show up in court to enter a plea at the first court date without carefully reviewing the evidence against you.

Can I represent myself in court?

Answer: The short answer is yes.  However, you will face seasoned prosecutors who know the ins and outs of the legal proceeding better than you.  In addition, you will not receive any  help from a prosecutor if there are any problems with their evidence that can result in a reduction or dismissal of the charge.

Can I represent myself at the DMV hearing?

Answer:  Yes.  Like the court proceedings, the DMV has very specific rules and deadlines that you need to follow.  It is always better to have an attorney that has experience with DMV hearings to represent you.


I have an out-of-state license, will California report me to my local DMV?

All states with the exception of Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Tennessee are part of the interstate compact.  The compact is used to exchange information concerning license suspensions and traffic violations of non-residents and forward them to the state where they are licensed known as the home state.

Can I drive while my case is pending with the court?

You face two different suspensions of your driving privileges as a result of a DUI.  One is issued by the court, the other is issued by the DMV.  The court suspension begins on the date of conviction. The DMV has strict deadlines and in order to drive while the DMV hearing is pending, you must request a Stay within the allotted deadline.